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LLC Formation


$199 is our base price to handle a limited liability company (LLC) formation on your behalf, preparing the forms, answering your questions and including the options as described.



Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Only a law firm, with certified paralegals and licensed attorneys working on your matter, can provide you the features and security you need for a properly formed and managed LLC. Our exclusive benefits include:

What’s Included:

  • A highly-competent organization that is not anonymous itself, maintains malpractice insurance and trains its employees on maintain confidentiality and anonymity of its clients
  • Availability of licensed business attorneys to answer your questions
  • Ownership information remains private
  • Attorney-client privilege and confidentiality
  • Review by a licensed attorney
  • Name availability verification (if available)
  • High-quality, template operating agreement
  • (You can) obtain a bank account anywhere in the US

Client understands and acknowledges that purchasing the services herein are subject to the following:

Important LLC Disclaimers

  • L4SB makes no representation as to whether you are “transacting business” in your home state, or any other state. If you decide you’re transacting business in state other than the state where your LLC is formed, talk to L4SB to discuss registration requirements in any state where you may be “transacting business”.
  • Attorney-client privilege and confidentiality is not absolute. If L4SB is subpoenaed by a court or state entity of competent jurisdiction, L4SB will have to respond although L4SB will coordinate with you and/or your local attorney.
  • L4SB does not offer or render tax advice. We encourage you to seek the advice of a competent CPA or accountant, to help you understand the best way to handle income, employment and sales taxes.
  • It is critical you do not commingle funds, undercapitalize your LLC, or do anything else that would permit a plaintiff to “pierce the corporate veil”, otherwise you could lose your liability protection. Talk to L4SB to learn more.

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Also see the bottom of this page for frequently asked questions and more details about what is included in your purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About this Service

“Member Managed” means the LLC is simply managed by the Members. All Members have similar powers to run day-to-day operations of the business, and the Operating Agreement will specify what powers the Members have that do and do not require a vote.

“Manager Managed” means the day-to-day operations of the LLC is managed by a Manager. The Manager has certain powers, as specified in the Operating Agreement, that do not need the approval of the Members. Note that Members will always have some powers reserved to a vote, such as assigning a new Manager, or dissolving, or bringing on new Members. A Manager does not need to be a Member, but one or more Members can certainly be the Manager.

Typically, I advise clients that it’s often best to go with a “Member Managed” LLC unless one of two things is present:

  • One or more Members will run day-to-day operations, and other Members will not (i.e. silent investors, for example). It’s often convenient to make as Managers the day-to-day operating Members, so they can run the business without having to always call a vote.
  • One Member is really the “one in charge.” This Member can be assigned as the Manager, and have additional powers assigned to him or her.

This is often a very complicated subject that is often ignored. If you have questions, please contact us.

No. The Registered Agent is a specific person or entity, available at a specific address, where service of process and legal notices can be sent (think sheriff showing up with a summons).

This means you want a Registered Agent who:

  1. has a valid office that is staffed during normal business hours (i.e. be careful with those “cheap registered agents” you find on the Internet),
  2. knows something about the law, and knows how to properly accept service (i.e. again, be careful with registered agents who are not attorneys), and
  3. can convey some level of attorney-client privilege and confidentiality. This means the staff will be properly trained not to give out sensitive information, thereby better protecting your anonymity.

A Registered Agent can simply scan in your material, and email it to you when received.

This is different from a “Physical Mailing Address.” Such an address would can receive actual mail, perhaps checks, credit cards and more. These things cannot be scanned. They must be physically handled and relayed. They don’t have to be staffed the same way a Registered Agent’s address needs to be staffed. Such addresses also have an impact with Google and other search engines, which are becoming ever increasingly smart and will “flag” addresses that are shared by too many businesses.

What this means is, you’re considering a competitor of ours who is not a law firm or attorney.

If you do this, you can potentially destroy the liability protection a LLC offers. Why? Because a Secretary of State’s office will certainly accept a LLC registration where an address is the same for both the “Registered Office” and the “Physical Mailing Address” of the LLC. However, under statute you are required to truthfully disclose where the LLC is located. Unless you have an actual lease, permitting you to conduct business, out of the Registered Agent’s office, you haven’t been truthful in your LLC registration. This can be utilized by a competent plaintiff’s attorney to argue they should be permitted to pierce the corporate veil.

Contrast this to a “virtual office” or “virtual mailbox.” In such a scenario, you have actually leased the service, and therefore are in control of the service, and therefore have been truthful in your LLC registration. This cannot be utilized by a plaintiff’s attorney to attempt to pierce the corporate veil of your LLC.

Therefore, beware when purchasing legal services — even something as simple as a LLC formation — from anyone other than a properly licensed attorney or law firm.

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