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Certificate of Good Standing

No matter how old we get or how many businesses we own, we are never free of the dreaded “Report Cards” of life. As adult individuals, we must concern ourselves with the data listed on our personal credit reports. As business owners and leaders, we must be aware of “Certificate of Good Standing”.

The Certificate of Good Standing is a report issued by the State in which your business was incorporated. What the report testifies to is that depending on the entity type, the proper reports have been filed as well as the verification that fees and taxes have been paid. Absent a Certificate of Good Standing, a business loses its ability to transact business or be a party to a lawsuit. Long story short, not being in good standing with the state can put you out of business.

A Certificate of Good standing is commonly requested by a businesses’ Creditors, Suppliers, Investors, Clients and sometimes even by their own employees. Think of it as a “Report Card” for your business- and without it, you will find it difficult to qualify for bank loans, lines of credit with suppliers, or investor’s dollars.

If you’re not in “Good Standing” today, it means something is wrong with your state filing. If you don’t fix the problem, the state could potentially dissolve your company in certain circumstances. When this happens, all sorts of problems from liability to taxes and more can develop.

Law 4 Small Business can be of assistance when it comes to quickly obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing. We will research your company’s record with the state. If your company is currently in “Good Standing” we will obtain the certificate and forward it on to you. If your company is not in “Good Standing” we will find out why and assist (when applicable) in the steps* required to bring your company back into “Good Standing”.

What’s Included for $79:

  • Paralegal will research your company’s standing with the state it is incorporated in.
  • If the company is currently in “Good Standing” our paralegals will order the Certificate of Good Standing
  • The Certificate of Good Standing will be forwarded to you in email and postal mail
  • FREE Q&A with paralegals and attorneys, as appropriate

*Please Note:
L4SB cannot obtain your Certificate of Good Standing if your company is not in “Good Standing”. The $79 fee is for the time associated with researching your company and obtaining the Certificate of Good Standing if your company is currently in “Good” standing. If our research reveals your company is not in Good Standing, we will let you know what is required to bring it into “Good Standing” status. The $79 fee does not include the work necessary to bring your company into compliance, so that it can obtain a Certificate of Good Standing. If additional help is needed to bring your company into “Good Standing” status, the time spent to do so on L4SB’s part is billable at an hourly rate. (Hourly rate dependent on amount of work required and will be disclosed to client when explanation for the account not being in “Good Standing” is presented).

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Certificate of Good Standing

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