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Flat-Rate Contract Review

Our Process:
What is the L4SB Flat-Rate Contract Review?

Now, you have NO excuse to not have an attorney review that contract before you sign it! For a predictable price, the attorneys at L4SB will review your contract as only contracts attorneys with significant small business experience can. With whatever notes you want to give us, especially any concerns you may have about the contract, your business or the relationship to the other party, we will review the contract for:

    • Errors, typos and grammar problems
    • Proper parties to the deal
    • Structural and logical problems
    • Legal risks and problems
    • Perceived financial and business risks
    • Negotiating opportunities

Unfortunately, too many business leaders and owners are too rushed for time or just assume that contracts are “just standard” and non-negotiable. This could not be further from the truth! Indeed, most business contracts contain numerous errors, or template contracts make too many assumptions about the particular deal that aren’t true or worse, put you and your business in a serious problem if the relationship should break down.

After a review, you have the power to negotiate and update your contracts and agreements with confidence. L4SB is available to assist further, for revision assistance or negotiations. Because you have payroll to meet, you cannot afford to be surprised with a large legal bill. This is why L4SB will provide fixed-fee or not-to-exceed pricing, when requested.

Why L4SB?
  • Real Attorneys, not Scriveners
  • Real Satisfaction & Peace-of-Mind
  • Exclusively Focused on the Needs of Business
  • Always Open, Always Available
  • Real Fast, Real Cost Savings!
Common Questions About L4SB’s Flat-Rate Contract Review:
  • I made my own contract. Will this make it perfect?
    God no. The L4SB flat-rate contract review service is built around trying to convince business leaders to have a proper legal review performed, before signing a contract. This assumes a decent contract that has been drafted by an attorney, or perhaps a “form contract” that is professionally drafted. What this service is NOT good for, is self-enterprising non-attorneys who surf the Internet, perhaps download a contract from RocketLawyer or elsewhere, and cobble a document together. No offense to all you non-attorneys out there, but your documents will have so many issues, it’s actually cheaper to let us write it from scratch than to review your cobbled-together document.
  • Is it cheaper to download a contract from the Internet, than hire an attorney?
    After you read the answer to the question immediately above, then consider this: It’s a matter of risk. Are you looking at a contract for your water-cooler vendor or a contract that governs your multimillion-dollar supplier or perhaps your template contract for customers? The more important the relationship, the more problems that can happen, or the more danger your business suffers if the deal goes south or the contract is screwed-up, the stronger the argument to NOT download something off the Internet. Our flat-rate review service will not be able to cobble a non-professional contract together, and instead, we would need to charge you our normal hourly rates. Perhaps 25% of this firm’s revenues come from screwed up deals and contracts downloaded from the Internet — we’re not kidding. Consider one example: A client of ours downloaded a “Non-Compete Agreement” for its employees from RocketLawyer. How bad can it be? Well, it turns out the contract required our client to pay each employee “$250,000 as consideration for entering into the contract.” This would have been resolved in our flat-rate contract review, and of course, never an issue if they had an attorney draft the contract in the first place (versus downloading).
  • What is better, the 'Review and Edit' or 'Limited Review'?
    It depends on your needs. If you’re in a hurry, and don’t think there are any issues, the “Limited Review” is an excellent way to double-check that contract before you sign it. Please note that if you decide you want help fixing the contract afterwards, we will charge you our normal hourly rates.
  • Can I get a discount on the 'Review and Edit', after a 'Limited Review'?
    No. Sorry.

Review & Edit, $25/page (min. 4 pgs)

Limited Review, $10/page (min. 5 pgs)

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