As your business grows, protecting your assets and your company becomes increasingly important. Forming an LLC is one way you can do that.

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A limited liability company is defined as a corporate entity whereby the owners (called members) are afforded “limited liability” in most circumstances involving the company. The LLC is registered at the state level, and if the LLC is properly managed, only the LLC itself (and not the owners) are liable for the debts, liabilities, and obligations of the LLC.

A LLC becomes a living entity through the actions of the owners, and business is conducted through the entity. LLC’s provide liability protection, flexibility, tax advantages and survivability for its owners, among other benefits. Anyone operating a business as a sole proprietorship or partnership, without state registration, would benefit by forming a LLC.

Because LLC’s conduct business, it’s very clear what assets are owned and managed by a LLC, which greatly simplifies an owner’s ability to sell the business at a later date.

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Why L4SB?

Our Team consists of the very best professionals: Licensed attorneys, certified paralegals and outstanding legal assistants. This is critical to ensure the people you work with understand the long-term issues associated with forming, managing, running or dismantling a company. You care about liability protection, privacy and minimizing long-term expenses associated with legal issues, and only trained professionals a law firm provides has such professionals at its disposal.

We are the only company to provide Lawyer Defined™ quality. This means only the very best, high-quality formation documents. Our competition is silent on the issue. That’s because our “non-legal competition” simply cannot worry about these issues. Success to them means “submitting the paperwork without it being rejected by the State.” Nothing more. Success to us means you have setup a company that meets your long-term needs and minimizes long-term costly problems. L4SB focuses on providing the very best documents, whether formation documents, contracts, demand letters and more. Don’t risk a long-term problem by forming your company with anyone else. Only L4SB provides the very best formation documents — only custom documents drafted by attorneys for your specific needs are better. L4SB is Lawyer Defined™.

What You Need to Start an LLC

Starting an LLC is easy with Law 4 Small Business. You just need three things to get started:

  • A name for your company: We check availability and ensure accuracy at the time of filing.
  • A physical mailing address (not a P.O. box): Check out our Virtual Mail Box service to avoid using your own address.
  • A Registered Agent: Every business needs one, and we would be delighted to serve as your Registered Agent.

LLC’s are an excellent choice for most business owners, and unlike corporate entities (such as S-Corporations or C-Corporations), many states do not require annual or bi-annual reports- making them much simpler to setup and maintain. Due to their simplicity, they are less costly to initially setup.

  1. By forming a specific entity at the state level, it forces the owners to specifically define ownership percentages and powers, which helps reduce the chance of confusion, misunderstanding, and conflict among the owners.
  2. Business entities such as LLC’s can take additional tax exemptions that are unavailable to individuals, such as sole proprietors (health insurance is an example of this).
  3. An LLC shields the owners from most types of personal liability that could occur while conducting business.
  4. An LLC will survive even if the only owner dies. This helps maintain value for family survivors, employees and the estate of the owner.
  5. A formal structure such as a LLC permits the owner to partner with others at different levels of participation, by carefully controlling ownership levels, providing flexibility in how one partners with others.

Help Me Decide

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Form a Limited Liability Company

Get an LLC formed properly today.

Starting at $199 + state fees

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