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A Strong Operating Agreement is Critical for Today's LLC's

The Couture Operating Agreement for just $29.95 ...
the best Operating Agreement available without a lawyer.

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Our Couture Operating Agreement for LLC's has over 100 customizable features that you won’t find online anywhere else:

  • Significant
    tax intelligence

    Customize language to support every type of tax treatment: Disregarded, Partnerships, S-Corps and C-Corps for tax purposes.

  • Sophisticated
    options for voting

    Various powers and duties can be assigned Routine versus Important voting status.

  • Significant customizations around powers and control

    Numerous possibilities to limit (or unshackle) Member duties (i.e. conflicts, non-compete, dedication to company and more).

  • Significant control over member rights and abilities to kick out members

    Automatically considers issues for community property states and requirements for spousal consent.

  • Special Clauses for INtellectual Property (IP)

    Ideal for companies in e-commerce, software, gaming, web development, filming, publishing, videography, photography and others where IP is a significant component of the LLC’s value.

  • Many other features and options

    Control over gender references, select different options to calculate Book Value and Fair Market Value, and much, much more.

How do you distinguish a good Operating Agreement from a bad Operating Agreement?

Was the Operating Agreement created specifically for you and your business?

Was the Operating Agreement created using the latest state and tax laws?

Does language support your intended tax status (i.e. Disregarded, Partnership, S-Corp or C-Corp)?

Are dissociating events (i.e. death, incapacity, voluntary withdrawal, etc) addressed?

Does the Operating Agreement specify buyout terms and valuation for dissociating events?

Are important issues addressed, including dispute resolution, tie-breaker, quorum, confidentiality, non-compete and devotion?

If you answered "no" to any of the above, you need the Couture Operating Agreement!

Use the expert system brought to you by the law firm trusted by thousands

Simple to Use, Get High-Quality Results Fast

  • Constantly updated to reflect the latest thinking in the law and taxes.
  • Written specifically with accountants, CPA's, lawyers and entrepreneurs in mind.
  • Written by business and tax attorneys with over 100 years of collective experience.
  • Our expert system only asks you relevant questions, and disregards the irrelevant questions.
  • Flags problems and inconsistencies you may not otherwise know about.
  • Helpful information to explain the significance of certain questions.

Highly Customizable: Over 100 Features and Options

  • Accept our defaults, or drill-down into a number of areas at whatever depth is important to you and your business.
  • Significant areas of customization for tax, voting, powers, duties, dissociation, intellectual property and more.
  • Separate voting thresholds for "routine" versus "important" decisions.  Fine-tune voting to obtain exactly the balance of power desired.
  • Visual aid to see voting combinations necessary to carry a vote.
  • Flexible control over which powers are reserved or granted to members versus managers.
  • Configure numerous member restrictions, including confidentiality, devotion, non-compete, and non-solicitation.
  • Permits special handling of intellectual property (IP) for the members.
  • Perfect for doctors, lawyers, accountants, agencies and other licensed professionals who require their members to maintain specific licenses.
  • Even specify a specific gender or maintain gender neutrality.

High-Quality Operating Agreement & Helpful How-To Guides and Templates

  • Specific language for disregarded entities, partnership, S-Corps and C-Corps.  Member versus Manager Managed.  Sole Member versus Multi-Member.
  • Understands the difference between single member and married couple in a community property state.
  • Members can be individuals, businesses or trusts, and full identification of each is addressed.
  • Perfect for business leaders demanding a high-quality document without the price of an attorney (Only hiring an attorney can provide a better document).
  • PDF and Microsoft Word versions are provided so you can update and revise on your own (or with your attorney or CPA).
  • Significant intellectual property (IP) intelligence - Perfect for software, app development, web development, film studios and other content or creative companies where members produce or contribute IP.
  • Includes spousal consent for members in community property states (if not married to each other).
  • Includes a detailed Next-Steps Guide, Tax Overview, How to Vote, and Members Resolution Template.

Maximize Asset & Liability Protection, and Minimize Risks with Partnership Disputes

  • Template Operating Agreements are worse than worthless, they are dangerous.
  • Specific clauses are required to survive a tax audit, an attempt at piercing the corporate veil, an attempt to obtain a charging order and foreclose, and prevent family or ex-spouses from taking ownership in extreme circumstances.
  • A good Operating Agreement for one person could be terrible for another person.  It's critical your LLC's Operating Agreement is customized to your needs and circumstances.
  • Only a customized Operating Agreement meeting you and your business' specific needs can maximize liability and asset protection.
  • A good Operating Agreement can limit disputes among partners, and prevent legal liability from accruing.

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