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An associate, Alicia focuses her energies on business litigation, general civil litigation, and criminal defense.

When Is It A Gift and When Is It Just A Loan?

It happens all of the time. Relationships, whether romantic or friendship, come to an end. In many cases, if the relationship was long, property and money were most likely exchanged. Dividing up the assets after a break up can be a difficult if not confusing task. Regardless of any sentiments or promises that may have […]

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Tips for Casual Dining & Formal Restaurants: How to Reopen During COVID-19 and Generate Revenue

Many people are eager to be able to return to dining out at their favorite restaurants once the restrictions brought about by the current COVID-19 pandemic are lifted. According to the Governor’s latest predictions, restaurants should be able to reopen sometime in early June with limited occupancy and other restrictions and requirements. While such requirements […]

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LLC Status and Personal Liability Lawsuits

Many business owners mistakenly believe that they cannot be held personally liable for actions that were committed by or through their company.  Although setting up your business as a separate legal entity is definitely a good way to separate the liability of your business for the liability of the individual owner, such as yourself, it does […]

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