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Larry Donahue is an attorney and founder of Law 4 Small Business, P.C. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois, New Mexico and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

I am not a US citizen, but want to form an Anonymous company in the US and have a US-based bank account. I have a lot of tax questions.

We are US-based attorneys and can really only give advice about US-based law and taxes. If you are located outside the US, a lot depends on the country you are located in, because your country will have its own specific ways it deals with taxes and income derived outside your country, and the US will […]

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Be Honest, Be True


We’re not even through the second month in 2021, and it’s already happened to me twice: I had two different clients lie to me about the facts and circumstances surrounding their case. As an attorney, I proceeded along a course of action for both of these clients (completely different, unrelated matters and issues by the […]

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We are not Red States versus Blue States

As I write this, I have been an attorney for almost 27 years. In those 27 years, I’ve seen it all. Family dynasties torn asunder after the family matriarch or patriarch dies, and the cousins cannot get along. Sons beating up fathers. Daughters against mothers. A best friend changing the locks to the business. A […]

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Bank Won’t Accept a Virtual Mailbox. What Do I Do?

There are a number of possibilities when dealing with banks who don’t like CMRA addresses (that is what the US Postal Service calls mailboxes provided by third parties, such as UPS, Mailboxes Etc, and L4SB). First, remember that if you use a CMRA address for your company (like the L4SB Virtual Mailbox), it’s the one […]

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Do I Need to Use Different Names for a Parent and Child Company?

It’s certainly legal to have your parent and child company have the same name (assuming they are located in different states). Let’s suppose you wanted the name ACME, LLC (and it was available in both states), then you could have ACME, LLC in both states. The reason for this, is technically, the legal reference for […]

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Business Horror Stories: Curse of the Aggressive Lawyer

Beware what financial danger lurks when you ask your lawyer to be “More Aggressive” with your case! There are many ways to pursue a dispute, with aggressiveness on one end of the spectrum and collaboration on the other end of the spectrum. It is understandable, due to the personal nature of any dispute, that the […]

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Can Trademarks be Anonymous?

The short answer is “yes,” but it is important to understand what Anonymity means and the limitations. We form a lot of Anonymous LLCs for our clients, and the primary benefit of an Anonymous LLC is that the ownership information of the LLC is not disclosed to the public by the relevant Secretary of State’s […]

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What is a Domicile Address, and is it Needed, in a Trademark Application?

Here’s what the USPTO says about a domicile address: Applicant must provide applicant’s domicile address. All applications must include the applicant’s domicile address, and domicile dictates whether an applicant is required to have an attorney who is an active member in good standing of the bar of the highest court of a U.S. state or […]

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What is Likelihood of Confusion in Trademark Law?

This is a very important concept, and often misunderstood by new business owners trying to come up with a new name for their company, product or service. The law says that you cannot use a name (or mark) that is “confusingly similar” to a pre-existing trademark. What is “confusingly similar?” What we care about is […]

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