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Larry Donahue is an attorney and founder of Law 4 Small Business, P.C. He is licensed to practice law in Illinois, New Mexico and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

What Else Is There, After I Form a Company?

If you’ve just formed a company (or ordered a formation from us), congrats! You’ve just taken the first step of a very important, miles-long journey, that is establishing a business. If you haven’t formed a company yet, and still doing research, then you are to be commended because it’s important to know and understand all […]

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When your employee has a Drinking Problem: The HR Perspective on Tiger Wood’s Dilemma

By all accounts, Tiger Woods was having a great year.  He won the Masters in one of the greatest comebacks the sporting world has ever witnessed.  He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, and after well documented accounts of a turbulent personal life, he finally seems genuinely content in […]

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I’m a US citizen now living as an expat in a foreign country. Is there anything preventing me from opening up a US-based company to provide services in the US?

The short answer is “no, not really.” The longer answer is that you should consult with your CPA, to understand how certain types of income may need to be reported (i.e. do you file state income taxes while abroad or not, and if not, could pass-through income with a company trigger the requirement?). If you […]

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A Guide for Safe Hiring

One of the benefits of information being so readily available online these days it that it takes some of the mystery out of hiring employees.   Everyone puts their best face forward in an interview but how is a Business Owner or Manager to really know who it is they are hiring?  Conveniently, the advent of […]

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Punctuation Matters at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Olivia Jade…..

The recent college admissions scandal has been abundant in the media in recent weeks. The story continued to grow yesterday when the US Patent and Trademark Office officially rejected Olivia Jade Beauty’s trademark application due to punctuation or more specifically, the lack thereof. The trademark officer, after reviewing the application, felt that the details for […]

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Beware of Nominee Services

Why the Small Business Owner Should Think Twice About Handing Their Company Over to Online Strangers. Nominee Services are common in the legal and financial fields.  Basically, they allow companies to elect another party to do tasks for them.  Generally, this allows the company to remain anonymous in such transactions. They are quite common place […]

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When Partnerships Go Bad

I find myself writing about my clients and their Business Partnerships that went bad with the same sentiment and phrases that I would probably tell the story of my failed marriage with.   They all start out the same. On paper, they seemed so right.  Similar background, seemingly shared goals and vison for the future.  Seemingly […]

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Banking and the Small Business Owner

The Corporate Veil:  Don’t pierce it! “Piercing the Corporate Veil” refers to the situation when a court puts aside the protections that are normally associated with an incorporation.  The very reason you went to the trouble and expense to incorporate in the first place will be rendered void if you do not routinely exercise a […]

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