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Capital Loss and Leaving a Partnership

Everyone who’s ever started a business will tell you that any new business venture involves risks. Sometimes it’s the risk of a capital loss of everything you have invested, or...

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Bad Business Partners

I find myself writing about my clients and their bad business partners with the same sentiment and phrases that I would probably tell the story of my failed marriage with. ...

narcissistic partners

Avoiding a Narcissistic Partner

I say this often, and it’s unfortunately true: About a third of this firm’s revenue comes from bad partnership breakups and disputes. The problem for most people, is they are...

beware direct tv in commercial settings

DirectTV Practices and Your Business

Have you seen the small businesses getting sued thanks to questionable DirectTV Practices? We have. Unfortunately, it is indicative of a far greater issue facing small businesses. Case Study It...

Customer leaving a bad review online. Can this be grounds for a lawsuit?

Bad Review Lawsuit

Can you sue over a bad review of your business? More importantly, should you? What you need to know about a bad review lawsuit.


New Mexico Small Claims Court

What are the pros and cons of using New Mexico Small Claims Court? How can your business solve the biggest problem of using New Mexico Small Claims Court?

thank you for your business

Can you be sued for thanking your customers?

Intellectual Property Abuse Here at Law 4 Small Business, we love intellectual property.  We love helping businesses that develop and protect their ideas.  And we think that America’s intellectual property...

surprise mail

Getting Sued? Lawsuit Survival

You Got Sued…now what? Getting sued is like a punch to the gut. You are going about your normal day and then WHAM! you “get served” or receive some sort...

too much work

How to Avoid a Lawsuit

GETTING SUED What’s your biggest fear as a business owner? Bankruptcy? Bad reviews? Lack of control? If you answered ‘lawsuits‘, you are not alone. In fact there’s even a word...