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The “Simple Contract”

If I earned a nickel every time someone asked me to provide a “simple contract,” I would be a rich man indeed. The problem is, when most people think of “simple contract,” they think a short, one-or-two page document, that protects their interests, without getting them into trouble, and without having to spend any time […]

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DirectTV Practices and Your Business

Have you seen the small businesses getting sued thanks to questionable DirectTV Practices? We have. Unfortunately, it is indicative of a far greater issue facing small businesses. Case Study It goes something like this: You own a business. You decide to order DirectTV and schedule an installation. On the scheduled day, the truck pictured arrives […]

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The Art of Contracts – Predicting the Future

As you might imagine, this firm writes and reviews a LOT of contracts. Oftentimes, I think this firm could make more money by charging a client for every time they utter the phrase “I just want something simple” or “I just need a one-pager,” versus charging our standard rates. Of course, I get it. No […]

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The Faux Contradiction of Contracts

Just the other day, I picked up my daughter from school. She announced to myself and my other daughter in the car at the time, that she “made friends with students IN Los Lunas.” Now, we are in Albuquerque, and Los Lunas is a 45-minute drive, and I knew my daughter was not in Los […]

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Tips for successfully joining a partnership

In a previous blog post, I talked about how Not Incorporating is Risky Business, which was directed at the sole proprietor and why they should consider incorporating their business. Suppose, however, you’re considering signing up as a partner into a pre-existing company, such as a partnership, limited liability corporation (or LLC), or S-Corporation? Is there […]

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Consistency: The key ingredient in any magic sauce

In my previous blog post, I talked about how Evergreen Clauses should be avoided in your contracts. In this article, I talk about another thing to avoid in your contracts: inconsistency. Interesting, though, is that consistency is a critical business attribute that is required in more than just contracts. I had an interesting experience with […]

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