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The Patent Prosecution Process

The patent prosecution process is usually quite long, arduous, and can be costly.  There are three types of patents: utility, design, and plant.  Plant patents are the least common and...

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Prior Art Search for your Patent

The first step for anyone with an invention or idea is to perform a prior art search and analysis in order to determine whether or not it’s already been done...

maximize your patent

How to Maximize Your Patent

How you can maximize your patent by avoiding these 4 common mistakes. 50% of patents are useless. Is your patent a statistic or a success story?

can you patent an idea

Can You Patent an Idea?

Can you patent an idea? Like most legal issues, the answer is not always straightforward. Or as they often say in the law, “it depends”!

improvement patent

Improvement Patents

Can you get a patent on an improvement to a patented device? They're called improvement patents!

patents 101 overview

Patents 101

L4SB explains the types of patents and how they can be utilized!