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Call us today when you are buying a business…
even if the transaction is brokered.

Getting ready to sign a contract for one of the most significant purchases in your lifetime? Now would be a good time for a second opinion. Call us today for a flat fee contract review on your brokered transaction.

Why L4SB is the best choice.

We will analyze the purchase contract
and consider the following elements:

  • Is the valuation of the business fair?
  • Is the sale that of assets or stock and is that clearly defined?
  • Are the details of the purchase agreement fair?
  • Have non-competes been considered?
  • Has an appropriate amount of due- diligence been paid?
  • What type of performance (ongoing or not) is required of the seller?
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After L4SB reviews your contract, we will alert you to any concerns, ambiguous language or red flags in the paperwork. Based on the review you may want to dive deeper into some details or negotiate some key points further prior to closing on the deal. You may also choose to engage our lawyers to represent you in these discussions. We will help as little or as much as you feel you require. After all, it is your future!

Don’t let third parties discourage you from seeking a second opinion.
Call us today and let’s get started. We want to ensure your next move is a smart move!
Long Live Your Business!

Buying a Business is Easy:

We Include Everything You Need

  • Matter handled by experienced business transaction attorney
  • 1-pass review and edit of your closing documents
  • Check for logical consistency and fit with your expectations
  • Email containing bullet-list of issues identified
  • 15 minutes of FREE Q&A with an experienced business transaction attorney

Extra Service? We’ve Got You Covered

  • Expedited/Rush Services
  • Federal Employer Tax Identification (FEIN) Acquisition
  • Company Name Risk Assessment
  • Virtual Mailbox

CompetentAffordable, and Smart Legal Help


  • Track record of providing excellent service
  • Experienced attorneys who specialize in Business, Human Resources, Documents, Contracts and more
  • 15 Min Q & A with an Attorney
  • Peace of mind – Attorneys are here to help


We are always happy to answer your questions. Call us at 888-992-4952 or use the contact form below to get in touch.

We Guarantee To Do It Right!

“L4SB has been a great asset in starting up my own small business. No retainer, no hassles, quick turn around. One less thing for me to worry about so I can focus and grow what I do best.

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