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Business Succession Planning

You put a lot of thought into
the creation of your business.
Some thought needs to go
into its eventual end as well.

Law 4 Small Business knows the importance of ensuring your business is in the right hands.

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    It's a Set of Instructions

    Think of Business Succession Planning as a set of instructions. They are spelled out ahead of time with specific direction as to how the business will continue with out you. It outlines who will perform which tasks and what processes need to be followed. A well thought Business Succession Plan insures that client’s orders, payroll, even simply opening for a day of normal business continues during any kind of transition.

    Elements of a Business Succession Plan

  • Buy- Sell Agreement
  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Process for password
  • share/recovery
  • Direction/Training of key employees
  • Periodic review to ensure plan is current

  • Forward Thinking

    The end may be planned, like selling the company or retiring. However, there could even be an unforeseen event- sudden illness or accident. Whatever the reason, a plan needs to be in place to ensure your business and all the work you have put into it continue; even in times of transition.

    It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have.Fred Rogers

    How It Works:

    The fact of the matter is every Succession Plan will be unique. That is why our Attorneys are trained to sit down with you and evaluate exactly what you need to put into your Succession Plan for it to be effective. Our Attorneys will draft your plan and include any other legal documents that may be required to ensure the plan is current and enforceable when the need arises.

    We Make It Easy to Create a Business Succession Plan

    • Talk with an Attorney who Specializes in Business Succession.
    • L4SB prepares and files for you
    • L4SB Attorneys act as your Registered Agent.
    • Your ownership information is secured behind attorney-client privilege.

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