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Keep your Trade Secret Confidential
and Maximize your Protection.

Limit who has access.

Businesses can use Trade Secrets to obtain advantages over competitors. We’re here to help.

Experienced Attorneys

Our trade secret attorneys are knowledgeable in all areas of trade secret law and protection. They will personally review your trade secret for completeness and validity, and provide accurate recommendations based on their assessment.

What is a Trade Secret?

Trade Secrets are commercially valuable information that create a competitive advantage. They are subject to secrecy protections and are not readily known, identifiable or ascertainable.

Trade Secret Examples

Examples of Trade Secrets can be found in every day life: Google’s Algorithm for searching websites and tracking information is a trade secret. WD-40’s formula is a trade secret. Many car companies’ process of manufacturing are trade secrets. One of the most famous Trade Secrets is the recipe for Coca-Cola.


Have a trade secret attorney answer your questions with a free consult.

Protect your Trade Secret.

  • Reviewing your trade secret with an attorney ensures you will be protected.
  • Helps solidify and prove ownership.
  • If a violation happens, L4SB will be on your side.
  • Most states have laws prohibiting theft or disclosure of Trade Secrets.
  • L4SB will review your trade secret and help you with keeping your information confidential.
  • We want to maximize your protection and have the experience and knowledge to help.

Your Satisfaction is Our Reputation

“Working with L4SB was amazing. I was in a need for somebody to explain an issue with Trademarks without any run around or requiring a retainer. He was amazing, met with me within a couple hours and explained everything crystal clear. Gave me the clarity I needed and was super easy to work with. Service like this is Unique these days. Thank You Larry, My decision was perfect.”

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The L4SB Difference


We take client satisfaction seriously. We are not in the business of up-selling or pushing services that won’t help you. We work as your partner to get the job you expect done.


L4SB is your long-term partner to help you and your business with the inevitable ups-and-downs, and everything in between.


We’re business lawyers, and we understand many small- and medium-sized businesses struggle just to meet payroll, let alone pay for legal services. That’s why we offer a range of flat-rate services, and reasonable hourly rates for everything else.


With over 200 years of combined business law experience, you can count on getting sound advice and solid representation.

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