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Partnership Dispute Attorneys

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Our goal is to resolve the partnership dispute in a way that provides the best possible outcome for you and your company and is least invasive to daily business operations.

As small business owners and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how emotionally draining and challenging partnership disputes can be. You and your team have invested considerable time and money into developing your company and now the future is uncertain and you must make some tough choices. When business owners choose Law 4 Small Business as their firm to handle a dispute, they receive the focused and deliberate representation that they expect and need to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Our clients are represented by a firm that represents businesses and business owners exclusively with their partnership disputes. Our professionals work to create a tailored strategy to fit our clients’ unique needs, whether serving as an intermediary to settle the dispute amicably, or resolving the situation in the courtroom if the situation calls for litigation. Regardless, you can be confident that you will have a legal team with the resources and skills you need to pursue the outcome you deserve in a manner that manages expenses and disruption to your company.

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Time to Call a Business Attorney?

When a dispute arises, it is usually best to attempt to find a resolution outside of the courtroom. Sometimes all that is needed is a skilled attorney who can act as a business therapist of sorts to bring the business partners together, find out exactly what the dispute is, and facilitate amenable negotiations to resolve the dispute.

Sometimes there is no resolution the partners can agree on, a partner is unwilling to negotiate, or the subject of the dispute is so egregious that it would not be in the businesses best interest to negotiate the dispute. At this point, litigation may be necessary.

Ask Yourself

  • What do I have to gain? Litigation expenses can add up fast and even exceed the value of the dispute itself in many cases.
  • What do I have to lose? If you don’t stand to lose much, you may be willing to handle the issue on your own. The higher the stakes, the more likely you’ll want an attorney on your side.
  • Will someone be leaving the partnership? Partnership separations are complicated and if done improperly, can result in liability issues for both the exiting partner(s) and the remaining partner(s). Having an attorney who knows what issues to look for can save you from facing liability down the road.

Unmatched Representation

L4SB is an active small business community member. In fact, many members of our team own or have owned diverse and successful businesses and have first-hand experience navigating their company through a tough dispute. Combine this with decades of business dispute resolution and litigation experience, and you have an energized law firm empowered to obtain positive results for you and your business.

“I am a small business owner, and was getting close to finalizing an extremely important business deal. Unfortunately, I was blindsided by someone I trusted, and the deal fell through. Struggling to find a way to navigate a wordy and difficult contract, I sought a lawyer to help, and was referred by a friend to Larry. Larry was absolutely invaluable to solving this issue. He provided solid legal advice that allowed my business and I to move forward through chaos and uncertainty. I felt like I was paralyzed by such a blow to my business, but Larry and his expertise made it manageable and clear. I couldn’t recommend Larry more. He takes the time and effort to provide you with everything you need to know. He understands small business, and was extremely empathetic to my tough legal situation. Thank you, Larry!”

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