Articles of Amendment




Business Formation Amendments

L4SB will change your entity’s name or business address as it is currently listed with its respective Secretary of State’s Office.

What’s Included?

For a Name Change:

Once your order is received, a member of our staff will confirm that your requested name is available. If that name is not available, you will be contacted and asked to provide an acceptable replacement. When an available name is provided, a member of our highly trained legal team will file the amendment and notify you once the filing has been accepted and processed.

For a Business Address Change:

After you have provided us with an updated business address that conforms to the rules of your entity’s state rules regarding addresses (see here if you need more information, and click here if you think an L4SB Virtual Mailbox might be right for you), we will file the amendment to reflect your business’s new address with the Secretary of State’s Office. Once the filing has been approved and processed, you will receive confirmation with the updated details for your formation.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • There is NO REFUND for this service.
  • Note that our services INCLUDE evaluating, preparation, processing, and handling, even if we end up not submitting your amendment to the state (for whatever reason).
  • We will cancel your order, at our discretion, if you are unresponsive or otherwise fail to answer our questions to our satisfaction. If we cancel for this reason, we will NOT issue you a refund.
  • If we do refund your money (at our discretion), we will first attempt to issue you a refund using the same payment method you used to pay for your order. If that fails (i.e. because we’re beyond the deadline to do this — typically six (6) months for credit cards), we will issue a check to the name used on the payment method (i.e. if Joe ordered from us, but used Jane’s credit card, we will issue the refund to Jane).

This unfortunately varies from state to state, and even then sometimes a state might be behind schedule with their processing times. If time is a concern of yours, consider expediting your order (available in the ‘additional options’ tab of the order form) to ensure that our team can prioritize your filing and get it sent to the Secretary of State’s Office as soon as we are able.

No, they will not. Although the amendments will provide updated information for your entity that will be recognized and (depending on your state) be published with the Secretary of State’s Office, nothing replaces or changes your original Articles of Organization directly. Think of your amendment as a companion guide to your Articles- or a document that is meant to accompany your Articles of Organization to explain changes to them.

If you have your Operating Agreement through Law 4 Small Business, then you simply need to access the doc version of your Agreement and make all necessary changes/ updates there (if you need assistance with this, a member of our support staff will gladly help). If your operating agreement comes from another source, you have two options: You can purchase our sophisticated Couture Operating Agreement at the end of your order, or you can purchase an Operating Agreement Consultation with one of our licensed attorneys who can then assist you with making the necessary corrections.