All states require that a “physical mailing address” be identified when creating a limited liability company (or LLC). Therefore, if one wants to do business anonymously (See Anonymous LLC’s), one must not publish an address that can be easily looked up to identify ownership of the physical mailing address.

There are two general rules for a “physical mailing address:”

  • The physical mailing address can be located anywhere in the world (i.e. not tied to a specific state — although at least AL, CA, MA, MD and OR have different rules — a LLC registered in those states must have a physical mailing address located in those states).
  • The physical mailing address cannot be a PO Box. This is because the postmaster will not accept service of process on behalf of a PO box owner (think Sheriff coming to deliver a court order or summons).

Many people confuse the LLC’s “Physical Mailing Address” with the “Registered Agent Address.” Some of our competition will permit their clients to use the Registered Agent Address for mail for the company. Please read our knowledge-base article on why It’s Bad Practice to Use Registered Agent Address as Company Address.

Product overview of the L4SB Virtual Mailbox Service

  • Unique address that fulfills the “physical mailing address” for all states
  • Mail is stored and forwarded to an address you designate (even PO Boxes) at least once a month (twice a month forwarding service is an available option)
  • You can request additional mailings, for the cost of postage and a $10 handling fee
  • Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Choice of 2 services available: Low volume service (up to 15 pieces of letter sized mail per month), or regular volume (unlimited, letter size mail)
  • Cancel at any time without penalty (to cancel, please email: [email protected])
  • Up to two (2) mail recipients per mailbox included in the price (the mail MUST be able to be forwarded to the same address for all recipients in the box, additional $10 extra per month for each mail recipient over the two (2) initial recipients)

We have created a Virtual Mailbox Service to address the issue of truly remaining anonymous when you create an anonymous LLC. It’s low-cost and simple, and we don’t lock you into a contract. You can have multiple recipients (i.e. multiple companies) utilize the same box (additional $10 extra per month for each mail recipient over the two (2) initial recipients).

You will receive an address associated with our law office and it will be a New Mexico address.

We give you a measure of “attorney client privilege” and “attorney-client confidentiality” that you cannot get otherwise. It permits us to open up an Anonymous LLC for you very quickly, using our address, and if you should want to change it someday, the process is made as easy as possible for you.

We collect your mail and store it in a secure location. Once a month, we will package your mail and ship to you. If you’re expecting an important piece of mail, that cannot wait for the monthly delivery, you can contact us and request expedited mailing (for an additional charge).

We are in the process of upgrading the service, and will soon be able to offer review, scanning and other services soon.

In the spirit of disclosure, you can use any virtual mailbox service you like, but know that the services we offer can give you piece of mind knowing that they are backed by L4SB and your mail is stored securely within our offices.

What you should be careful about, is that there are a lot of “fly-by-night” providers on the Internet. In order to legally establish a Virtual Mailbox Service, federal law requires that you fill out a “USPS 1583” form. This form has sensitive information on it that must be disclosed to the virtual mailbox service per federal requirements.

Our Virtual Mailbox Service is available:

What L4SB provides — better than anyone else — is security and confidentiality. Our folks are trained on how to deal with inquiries from private investigators and more.

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