Register Trademark – Word/Design Combo




Register Trademark – Word/Design Combo

L4SB’s licensed and experienced trademark attorneys will register two trademarks for you: The name and logo of your mark.

What’s Included:

  • Two trademarks: The word mark (name) and design mark (logo)
  • Case handled by an actual trademark attorney
  • Federal exact-match search
  • Assistance with selecting proper industry classification codes
  • Assistance writing descriptions to maximize the value and protection of your mark
  • Proper filing with the US Patent & Trademark Office
  • 15-minutes of FREE Q&A with an experienced trademark attorney
  • One year of free Trademark Monitoring (you must select this when ordering).
  • Powerful, cost-effective options to help you further if you need it.

What’s NOT Included:

  • Unless you select “Likelihood-of-Confusion Trademark Assessment” as an extra option, we cannot offer an opinion as to the level of risk the USPTO will reject your application based on a likelihood of confusion with a pre-existing trademark
  • Only one trademark registration is covered, no additional filings or registrations are included
  • This offering covers up to the submission of your trademark application, it does not cover any work that may be needed after the application is submitted, including but not limited to responses to Office Actions