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It took a good deal of work to get your trademark approved. Now it is time to protect it.

What is Trademark Monitoring?

Trademark Monitoring is a service that alerts you when new trademark applications are submitted by third parties to the USPTO (or trademark applications entering the Opposition Period) that are similar to your registered trademark.

The USPTO is responsible only for assessing and registering trademarks. That’s it. They do nothing to enforce your trademark on your behalf, meaning they have no obligation to alert you if future trademark applications have been submitted to their office that are similar to yours. If you are not monitoring other trademarks that may infringe on yours, you run the risk of other businesses impersonating your business. You also run the risk of your trademark and branding becoming diluted or associated with unsavory products, services, or other negative media.

Why L4SB Trademark Monitoring is Better Than the Rest

Lots of companies offer trademark monitoring.  Most of the competition send out quarterly reports to their clients.  Simply receiving a report on trademark applications that have been submitted to the USPTO does little for most business owners and here is why:

This is professional-grade
As trademark attorneys, we’re the folks that sue in court and argue in front of the USPTO to enforce the trademark rights of our clients. We’re in the trenches and know what needs to be done. If you’re serious about your brand, you owe it to your business and your brand to work with serious professionals and serious tools.
Trademark Monitoring Reports can be confusing
The report is based on data from the USPTO. Remember those guys? Let’s just say their data is not regarded as “easy to read” in most circles. Most business owners who receive these reports have no idea what to make of them.
Now What?
Assuming a business owner identifies what they believe to be an infringement of their trademark via a trademark monitoring report, they do not know what the next steps are to enforce their trademark. Having ready-access to trademark attorneys is very helpful in figuring out next steps.
Information that would have been helpful… 90 days ago
Many Trademark Monitoring services send out reports quarterly to their customers, and there is a major problem with that. The USPTO publishes daily and when the USPTO publishes, so begins a 30-day opposition period. With the competition producing only quarterly reports, it’s entirely possible something could be listed on your trademark monitoring report that you want to contest, but you cannot. Why? Because you did not find out about this issue during the 30-day opposition period when you could actually do something about it! Which means you would have missed window of time to defend your trademark.
A good Intellectual Property Attorney can come in handy
As with most “legal services” that are sold online by non-attorneys, their expertise lies in paperwork submission only. They are not qualified to offer opinions, defend, or pen responses when actual problems arise regarding the paperwork they have filed on your business’s behalf.

Everyone seems to be selling trademark monitoring these days, but very few of the other guys are trademark attorneys with the expertise and experience to help evaluate, understand and take action in regards to information contained within the reports.

The L4SB Difference

Great data, simple explanations, long-term help and guidance.

Let us explain
Whether you are getting your trademark monitoring report from us or another company, (for a small fee) we are happy to take a few minutes to explain it to you and make sure you understand the terminology, the report content and if you should consider defending your trademark. Order a 30-minute trademark attorney consult today!
Just in time communication
We send out our monitoring reports monthly, so you have time to read and react to the information in a timely fashion. Thus, ensuring your ability to defend your trademark when it costs the least to do so.
We have your next steps covered
So, you determine that it’s time to defend your trademark. We can assist you with the Protest Form that needs to be submitted to the USPTO as well as all other oppositions and lawsuits pertaining to your trademark. No need to find someone new to explain your trademark and business to. We are trademark lawyers and we have you covered (for an extra fee).
We put in the extra effort
Working with an actual attorney means we are vested in the overall health of your business, not just completing a single transaction. Along with your trademark monitoring reports, we will also alert you of important dates regarding your trademark such as renewal dates.
Initial Knock-Out report
When you first sign up with us, we will work with you to understand your trademark and class codes. We will define a watch program that generates our regular reports, and we will conduct an initial Knock-Out report, which will show you all existing trademarks our system thinks could be a problem — so you don’t inadvertently miss someone that snuck in before you started running our monitoring reports.

Trademark Monitoring Plans to Fit Any Budget

If you just want to review the reports yourself, and access an attorney for questions, or you want an attorney to monitor the reports for you, we have you covered.

Frequency Monthly Monthly Every 2 Weeks
Class codes included
per trademark monitored
2 3 3
Cost for additional class
/ class code
/ class code
/ class code
Free initial Knock-Out
report to evaluate other similar
Free demand letter template
Free attorney review of the
initial Knock-Out report
Attorney review of each report
Attorney consult Included
(1 / month)
Free demand letter on
L4SB law firm letterhead

(1 / month)
Free Notice of Opposition
to USPTO by L4SB attorney

(1 / 6-months)
Volume discount -10% after 5 -15% after 4 -20% after 3
Discount on other trademark work*
(Registrations, assessments, SOU’s,
extensions, etc)
-10% on
-15% on
-20% on
Discount on legal fees*
(Enforcement actions,
lawsuits, oppositions, etc)
n/a -10% -15%
Price (per trademark) $39.99 / month
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$149.99 / month
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$199.99 / month
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* Discount on L4SB’s standard hourly billable rates, and we assumes at least a year of Trademark Monitoring, that L4SB attorneys perform the work, and there are no conflicts of interest or other circumstances that render L4SB representation unavailable. Discounts are on L4SB fees only, and do not include hard expenses and third-party fees, such as USPTO fees.

Already Have a Service, or Just Want to Talk to a Trademark Attorney?

For just $169, you can schedule a 30-minute consult with a L4SB trademark attorney (order now). During the consult, we’re happy to answer your questions about trademark law or we’ll even evaluate your Trademark Monitoring Report provided by our competition. For 30-minutes, we’ll point out red flags, offer helpful hits and make suggestions as to how to proceed in the face of possible infringement or other activity by third-parties.

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