Trademark Renewal



Is it time to renew your Trademark?

What are the requirements for Trademark Renewal?

Due between the 5th and 6th anniversary of the date of your trademark’s registration:

  • Section 8, Declaration of Use
  • Section 15, Incontestability (Optional, but strongly recommended)

Due every 10 years after the anniversary date of your trademark’s registration:

  • Section 8, Declaration of Use
  • Section 9, Renewal

Failure to file these renewal forms will result in cancellation of your trademark!

Let L4SB’s licensed and experienced trademark attorneys help you!

What’s Included:

  • Case handled by a trademark attorney
  • Reviewing file and answering your questions
  • Assistance with the proper specimens for Section 8 Declaration of Use
  • Assistance with (and filing of) Section 9 Renewal and/or Section 15 Incontestability, as appropriate
  • Proper filing with the US Patent & Trademark Office

What’s not Included:

  • This service is provided for only one (1) trademark, for a Section 8 Declaration of Use and/or Section 15 Incontestability, or Section 8 Declaration of Use and Section 9 Renewal. No additional filings or assistance is provided.
  • This service covers up to the submission of the correct forms. It does not cover any work that may be needed after the filing, including but not limited to responses to Office Actions (i.e. the USPTO rejects your specimens for the Section 8 Declaration of Use).
  • This does not include Excusable Non-Use options. We can help, but we need to handle this in a different manner.

Yes. That is an option on this form, and recommended.


The USPTO provides a 6-month grace period after each deadline for an extra fee. This means if you’re up to 6-months late, you can pay $100 per class code and still file your Section 8 Declaration of Use or Section 9 Renewal.

Once you pass the grace period, the USPTO will either cancel or expire your trademark registration, which will give others the ability to file trademark applications that can be confusingly similar to yours.

While it may be possible to regain your trademark rights, it is not without significant costs and possible problems depending on how long you go before trying to regain your trademark and the status of other confusingly similar trademarks.

If this is an issue, we recommend a trademark attorney consult to discuss the issues.