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Let's face it, filing an Annual Report is busy work. However, it is important and necessary busy work. It's important that its completed accurate, on-time and carefully if you are eager to maintain your anonymity.

Whether you’re in Connecticut or California, Alaska or Arizona, or anywhere in between.  Whether your state calls it an Annual Report, Annual Registration, Statement of Information or something else.  No matter what it’s called or where you’re located, you still need to file regular reports to your state to maintain your company’s “good standing.”

Depending on what your state wants to call it, your business’s Annual Report, Annual Registration or Statement of Information is critical, reportable information that business entities (Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Non-Profits, and Partnerships) need to file with their state regularly.  State Governments require these reports be filed so that the public can easily locate information regarding companies that are operating within the state.  Failure to complete this reporting task results in all sorts of difficulties for the business entity. The most notable of these is that of being lumped into the dreaded status of “bad standing”.

While a status of “bad standing” may not seem that threatening, it does have some significant consequences for the entity.  Aside from the state imposing costly penalties, failure to turn in annual reporting can greatly hinder an entity’s ability to conduct normal business. For example, being in “bad standing” means a company is ineligible for most financing through banks or credit unions.  It can also result in a disqualification from bidding processes or government work.  Failure to become compliant with your state’s reporting rules can be grounds for an administrative dissolution to take place that will result in your business losing all the benefits of its LLC or corporation status

The Annual Report needs to be front and center of any business owners “to do” list and though the concept of it is relatively simple, the consequences of failing to do it and be costly or even fatal to a business.

Let L4SB focus on the “paperwork” so you can focus on the business you love.

For $99 (plus state fees), L4SB will submit the Annual Report for you — and take the pressure off:

  1. You can relax knowing your Annual Report will be submitted correctly and on time.  Your business entity will remain active and in good standing with the state.
  2. We value your privacy, and always list the least public information necessary when we file on your behalf to help protect your anonymity and security.
  3. Our paralegals will be in touch with any questions, to make sure your filing is handled professionally.

Let our experienced Business Lawyers and Paralegals handle your Annual Reports for you.

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