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All of our virtual mailbox locations are professionally-staffed, secure, full-service, digital mailbox locations. Manage your postal mail and packages with unmatched services and control through L4SB.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is a secure mailbox at a remote location that receives and stores your postal mail and packages. Virtual mailbox locations can be post offices, mailbox stores, or flexible co-working spaces in office buildings. A virtual mailbox may refer to a number of things but in general, a virtual mailbox is a mailbox that is designated as a fixed location with a physical address that receives and handles mail on someone’s behalf. Different providers may offer different services for a virtual mailbox.

A L4SB virtual mailbox is not a PO box, it is a CMRA (or Commercial Mail Receiving Agency). Use it to receive package deliveries from any carrier, including UPS and FedEx, and as an address for your business.

Why Virtual Mailboxes are Useful

Virtual mailboxes can be useful in a number of circumstances.

Privacy: Small Business Owners: Not every small business has a store front location for customers to come to. Many business owners run their business out of their home. A Virtual Mailbox may be a smart choice for this type of owner because they don’t want business correspondence being mailed and mixed with personal mail or have your home address revealed to the senders. It could create a security risk if a disgruntled client decided they wanted to harass you.

Convenience: People who often travel often find virtual mailboxes useful in order to ensure mail is picked up or as a place that will forward their mail to wherever they are.

Why Use a L4SB Virtual Mailbox?

Our virtual mailbox service will collect mail at this mailbox and forward it to you at your desired frequency. With a virtual mailbox, you can further preserve your personal privacy, use it as a business address, or use it to keep your mail orderly. It is like having a post office box without having to check on it yourself. 

There are a number of benefits of having a virtual mailbox:

  • Maintain your privacy 
  • There are no commitments, and you can cancel anytime (although you are required to change your address with the appropriate Secretary of State first). 
  • Your virtual mailbox address can be used as a street address in most states for most services. 
  • Eliminate the cost of expensive office space, but still have a physical mailing address. 
  • Up to two (2) mail recipients (additional mail recipients at a cost of $10/month each). 
  • You may terminate your Virtual Mailbox at any time. L4SB will not lock you into a contract. 
  • L4SB will hold any mail delivered to your Virtual Mailbox, and forward to you in physical mail once per month for the price indicated.

The Law 4 Small Business Difference

Setting-up a virtual mailbox with L4SB puts experienced small business lawyers on your side. We ensure your business address is properly set-up and does not create a circumstance where a plaintiff’s attorney can claim a fraudulent filing with your corporate or LLC paperwork.

You virtual mailbox is a law office managed by business law attorneys, which means every employee is trained to maintain client confidentiality. Under no circumstances will we disclose your information or mail contents to anyone other than you or its intended recipient without court order or direct permission from you.

Easy access. We don’t have outsourced attendants or computers so you can trust that you will speak to a person who can get the job done fast.