Contracts are a critically important component of your business. A good contract can keep you out of trouble, minimize costs when things go awry, maintain revenue streams, and ensure performance.

L4SB contains over 200 years of combined legal experience.  Our senior attorneys have over 30 years of experience each.

We have the experience to help with almost all contract issues faced by small and medium sized businesses:

  • Drafting – All smart business owners make sure they have a high-quality agreement for all interactions with third-parties, including partners, employees/contractors, clients/customers, vendors and the parties to business deals.
  • Negotiating – With our experience, we can help think strategically and tactically, and help avoid those pitfalls and loopholes that can haunt your business years after the negotiations have concluded.
  • Disputing – For those times you do end up in a contract dispute, whether someone is merely threatening you, actively breaching a contract, or has filed a lawsuit, L4SB has your back.

Whatever your business contracts needs are, contact L4SB to help you.

L4SB Means Experienced Business Contracts Attorneys

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From contracts drafting, negotiating, disputing, and more. We have you covered. Contact L4SB for all your contract needs, including:

Formation Documents

  • Bylaws / Operating Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Buy/Sell Agreement

Employment Agreements

  • Employee Contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Mutual Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreement

Client / Customer Agreements

  • Master Services Agreement (MSA)
  • Client Intake
  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • Website Terms of Service (TOS)
  • Website Privacy Policy

Business Deals

  • Promissory Note (With or without Personal Guarantee)
  • Asset Purchase Agreement (APA)
  • Membership / Shareholder Purchase Agreement
  • Bill of Sale (Asset Purchase)
  • Security Agreement


  • Services Agreement

The Law 4 Small Business Difference


We take client satisfaction seriously. We are not in the business of up-selling or pushing services that won’t help you. We work as your partner to get the job you expect done.


L4SB is your long-term partner to help you and your business with the inevitable ups-and-downs, and everything in between.


We’re business lawyers, and we understand many small- and medium-sized businesses struggle just to meet payroll, let alone pay for legal services. That’s why we offer a range of flat-rate services, and reasonable hourly rates for everything else.


With over 200 years of combined business law experience, you can count on getting sound advice and solid representation.

L4SB Means Experienced Business Contracts Attorneys

Get the right contract with help from an attorney at L4SB today.

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