Business partnerships can be highly beneficial to the long-term success of a company but they are also one of the most complex components. When partnerships encounter unfavorable conditions, it can shake a company to its core and even lead to its demise. Our goal is to resolve the dispute in a way that provides the best possible outcome for you and your company and is least invasive to daily business operations.

What is a Business Partnership Dispute?

Partnerships exist in any type of business where you have co-owners and often involve complex, sensitive, and emotional relationships. Business partnerships are often considered “marriages in business” because they are generally close and personal relationships. Like most marriages, a business partnership dispute is likely inevitable during the course of business and left unchecked they can become incredibly damaging to the company and the people that work there.

Causes of Partnership Disputes

A few common causes of partnership disputes are,

  • Poor communication practices between partners.
  • Disagreements on how the business is managed.
  • Disputes over the direction of the company.
  • Disagreements over resource and money allocation.
  • Alleged misconduct by partner(s).

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L4SB has the Right Dispute Attorney

L4SB is an active small business community member. In fact, many members of our team own or have owned diverse and successful businesses and have first-hand experience navigating their company through a tough dispute. Combine this with decades of business dispute resolution and litigation experience and you have an energized law firm empowered to obtain positive results for you and your business.

The Law 4 Small Business Difference


We take client satisfaction seriously. We are not in the business of up-selling or pushing services that won’t help you. We work as your partner to get the job you expect done.


L4SB is your long-term partner to help you and your business with the inevitable ups-and-downs, and everything in between.


We’re business lawyers, and we understand many small- and medium-sized businesses struggle just to meet payroll, let alone pay for legal services. That’s why we offer a range of flat-rate services, and reasonable hourly rates for everything else.


With over 200 years of combined business law experience, you can count on getting sound advice and solid representation.

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