Affiliate Attorney

Stephanie Bryant Holland

Stephanie Bryant Holland has been practicing labor and employment law for over a decade. She is an attorney with Ernest Law Group in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she represents and advises businesses on a range of issues, including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour concerns, contract negotiation and interpretation, severance agreements and non-compete agreements, as well as general business planning and civil litigation. Ms. Holland credits her ability to anticipate the opposing party’s arguments and strategy to her significant experience both prosecuting and defending cases. She applies a litigator’s analysis to her clients’ issues, identifying potential weaknesses to mitigate her clients’ risk.

Ms. Holland practiced labor and employment law and civil litigation in Washington, DC for over a decade before joining the Ernest Law Group in 2018. She began her legal career at Clifford & Garde, LLP in D.C., specializing in employment law and civil litigation. Later she worked for Mehri & Skalet, PLLC and Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, PC, where her practice focused on labor arbitration and employment discrimination. She represents clients in state and federal court, as well as arbitration.