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L4SB questions

Should I Dissolve My Company?

Attorney Larry Donahue speaks to the main points one should consider when dissolving their company. Would you like to talk to an attorney today to discuss your business concerns? Sign...

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Introducing Articles of Amendment by L4SB

Articles of Amendment: Law 4 Small Business is proud to announce our new service offering The research has been completed, the forms generated, and the service is now ready to...

death and time l4sb blog

Beware of Interruptions by Important Vendors

Imagine this: You have an important vendor that produces an important product or service for your business, and you come to rely on that vendor to deliver regularly. Your ability...

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Considering Bankruptcy For Your Business?

Get your questions answered from a Bankruptcy Attorney. Nothing can be more frightening or intimidating than realizing bankruptcy might be a real necessity for your business. While the notion of...