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DirectTV Practices and Your Business

Have you seen the small businesses getting sued thanks to questionable DirectTV Practices? We have. Unfortunately, it is indicative of a far greater issue facing small businesses. Case Study It goes something like this: You own a business. You decide to order DirectTV and schedule an installation. On the scheduled day, the truck pictured arrives […]

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Can you be sued for thanking your customers?

Intellectual Property Abuse Here at Law 4 Small Business, we love intellectual property.  We love helping businesses that develop and protect their ideas.  And we think that America’s intellectual property laws have played a significant role in making our economy the world’s largest.  But while strong intellectual property laws promote economic growth, they also have […]

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Getting Sued? Lawsuit Survival

You Got Sued…now what? Getting sued is like a punch to the gut. You are going about your normal day and then WHAM! you “get served” or receive some sort of legal demand letter or complaint. All of a sudden, your day turns horrible as you contemplate Lawsuit Survival. As a small business owner you […]

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What is Strict Liability, and Should You Care?

Finger Pointing Strict liability is probably not a term you use in your business everyday, but it pays to be careful when it comes to liability. Especially since a few steps now can prevent a legal nightmare in the future. Strict liability basically means that the defendant is liable for some wrongdoing, even though the […]

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How to Avoid a Lawsuit

GETTING SUED What’s your biggest fear as a business owner? Bankruptcy? Bad reviews? Lack of control? If you answered ‘lawsuits‘, you are not alone. In fact there’s even a word for it: liticaphobia– the fear/phobia of lawsuits and litigation. Nothing is quite as terrifying for a business owner than receiving a summons or subpoena — […]

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Rogue Business Partners

In an ideal world, we get along with our friends and family 100% of the time. There is no such thing as divorce. Our children grow up exactly the way we want. Our business partners are absolutely amazing, never making mistakes, working as hard as you do, and acting 110% in the best interests of […]

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How to Negotiate Good Lease Terms

Reviewing Contracts

Last November, I wrote an article entitled, Commercial Leases: Avoid Getting Screwed, which identified three important aspects of a commercial lease:  Location, Rent and Lease Terms.  In this article, I talk specifically about Good Lease Terms, and give you some understanding of the various lease terms to think about when considering or negotiating a commercial […]

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