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Ways to Buy an Existing Business

In our previous piece (The Art of Buying and Selling a Business), we discussed some of the important issues you should consider when you want to sell or buy an existing business to maximize your value and minimize your risk. In this article, we consider the two most common ways one goes about buying a […]

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When to Register Foreign LLC

Definition A foreign limited liability company, or foreign LLC, is defined as a LLC that was formed in one state (i.e. its domestic state) and registered (as a foreign entity) in other states because it is transacting business in those other states. The foreign registration tells the appropriate state or states about the company and […]

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How to Dissolve a LLC Properly

Last week, I wrote a blog article entitled How to Properly Dissolve a For-Profit Corporation (in New Mexico), which detailed how to dissolve an S-Corp or C-Corp, which is different from a limited liability company, or LLC. In many ways, the process to dissolve a LLC is very similar to what I described in the […]

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Business Acquisition Checklist

BUYING A BUSINESS Thinking of buying a business or part of a business? If so, then congratulations! Simply by reading this article, you are exhibiting the prudence and wisdom that many of your peers lack. While buying a business can be quite romanticized, it can wind up being a great investment or major headache. The […]

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UCC Search & Lien Search in Business Acquisition

Previously, we have discussed the high-level issues of either acquiring or selling a business, in a blog article entitled, The Art of Buying and Selling a Business. In this article, we discuss the all-important requirement of conducting a UCC Search and Lien Search as part of your due diligence before purchasing a business. BUYING A […]

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The Art of Buying and Selling a Business

Whether you are buying or selling a business, few people will disagree that this process is one of the most important, exhilarating and emotional experiences of your life. For the buyer, often acquiring an interest in a business is a “once in lifetime” opportunity to become your own boss and to reap potentially unlimited rewards […]

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