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Successor Liability – Even in an Asset Purchase

Interested in buying a business, or thinking about pulling that trigger and acquiring your labor of love? Before you do, you need to understand what “Successor Liability” is, and how it can ruin everything if you don’t plan accordingly. Buying a business can subject you to potentially infinite liability … As attorneys, we often get […]

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Leaving a Partnership — How To Do It Right

So, you’ve decided (or are considering) to leave the company you’ve either helped to form, purchased an interest in, or otherwise joined for one reason or another. There are many reasons why you may want or need to leave the company: Retirement Change of life circumstances, because of a family member death, change of careers, […]

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Considerations when Buying a Partnership Interest

Although we have covered in some detail the necessary steps and issues encountered when creating a new business, we have not discussed what you need to consider when buying “into” a business, i.e. buying a partial interest in an existing business entity. Specifically, we have several inquiries posted to our Law 4 Small Business website asking […]

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