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Rate and review Law 4 Small Business!

Rate and Review Us and help get the word out! Law 4 Small Business (L4SB) is working hard to get the word out, and you can help us. If you are happy with our service . . . Would you please take a few minutes of your time, and tell the world what you think […]

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Flat Rate Contract Review: $20/page

Reviewing Contracts

An aggressive rate, an aggressive offering Attorneys are loath to quote fixed-fee or flat-fee pricing for good reason: Everyone’s needs are different, and it’s very difficult to cast a broad and generalized brush for everyone, so as to be able to publish a “rate” for a specific offering. Especially involving legal matters. The phrase “one […]

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Trademarks: Delay can cost you …

Álvaro Bernal Unsplash Watch

Trademarks are very important to businesses for two primary reasons: First and foremost, they help identify and distinguish your goods or services to your customers. Second, they make it more difficult for competitors to pass their goods or services off as yours. Unfortunately, trademarks and the supporting law are often misunderstood by business leaders, and […]

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Open for business …

L4SB is now open for Business. A law firm that truly understands business. A law firm that caters to the needs of business. We hope this website is useful to learn about what L4SB can do for your business.

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