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simple contract

The “Simple Contract”

If I earned a nickel every time someone asked me to provide a “simple contract,” I would be a rich man indeed. The problem is, when most people think of...

boilerplate matters in contracts

Invalid Contracts Can Cost Your Business

Back in the day, many deals were made based on nothing more than a handshake. While you may still do business with a friend or family member without drawing up...

contract details are important

The Contract: Details are Important

Let’s say your business is expanding quickly and you are looking to hire a new employee. You are busy managing the day-to-day, so you don’t really have time to interview....

what is an indemnity clause

Contract Tip: Indemnity Clause

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re a business leader, and you’ve hired a vendor to repair something outside your premises, requiring a contractor and a...

what is a merger clause

Contract Tip: What is a Merger Clause?

In General, it’s Not Enforceable Unless it’s in the Contract A merger clause, also known as an integration clause, is a common contract provision. The clause provides that the written...

parol evidence rule contracts

The Parol Evidence Rule and Contracts

How can the Parol Evidence Rule affect the contract your business is signing? This often overlooked rule can actually determine your legal recourse.

stop beware franchise agreements

Beware of Franchise Agreements

Thinking of buying a franchise? Be sure to review the franchise agreements, since they may not be in your favor. It pays to carefully plan...

suits pointing

Flat Rate Contract Review: $20/page

An aggressive rate, an aggressive offering Attorneys are loath to quote fixed-fee or flat-fee pricing for good reason: Everyone’s needs are different, and it’s very difficult to cast a broad...