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Invalid Contracts Can Cost Your Business

Back in the day, many deals were made based on nothing more than a handshake. While you may still do business with a friend or family member without drawing up formal paperwork, having a valid written agreement in place can mean the difference between a project completed on time and a messy invalid contracts dispute […]

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The Contract: Details are Important

Let’s say your business is expanding quickly and you are looking to hire a new employee. You are busy managing the day-to-day, so you don’t really have time to interview. You decide your best option is to hire someone from a temp agency. You contact an agency, and the contract they give you says that […]

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Contract Tip: Indemnity Clause

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re a business leader, and you’ve hired a vendor to repair something outside your premises, requiring a contractor and a ladder … what does this picture speak to you? An Indemnity Clause may be the only thing protecting you from liability. An Indemnity Clause represents […]

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Contract Tip: What is a Merger Clause?

In General, it’s Not Enforceable Unless it’s in the Contract A merger clause, also known as an integration clause, is a common contract provision. The clause provides that the written contract is the final and complete agreement and any prior or contemporaneous agreements between the parties is superseded by the written contract. Simply put, the […]

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Flat Rate Contract Review: $20/page

Reviewing Contracts

An aggressive rate, an aggressive offering Attorneys are loath to quote fixed-fee or flat-fee pricing for good reason: Everyone’s needs are different, and it’s very difficult to cast a broad and generalized brush for everyone, so as to be able to publish a “rate” for a specific offering. Especially involving legal matters. The phrase “one […]

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