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Workshop: Learn How To Hire Quality Employees

Attorney Ian Alden has seen it all when it comes to businesses with employee issues. This makes him the perfect guy to share 5 specific tips he has identified to help business owners like you find, hire and most importantly- keep– great employees. The workshop is free but space is limited. Sign up today and […]

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What The Heck Is Human Resources?!?!

Business Correspondence Building Blocks

How many of you actually know what the term, “HR” really means? Most small businesses are actively working in the realm of Human Resources on a daily basis without even realizing it. Human Resources Awareness month may be in October but now feels like a great time to take a deeper dive into the main […]

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Employees Lying on LinkedIn. Should Employers Care?

More and more often I find myself sitting, mouth agape, absolutely mesmerized by what I find when looking at the LinkedIn profiles of people I am familiar with.  Specifically, their self-stated and fully fictitious resumes, experience, and education.  Social media, by its nature, is deceptive.  (Have you looked at the pictures on Instagram and Facebook […]

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What To Do When a Sick Employee is Lying to You

It’s a dilemma every business owner or manager faces regularly.  An employee calls in sick.  They feel horrible.  They would like to come in but they simply can’t.  They are sorry. They know this means you will be shorthanded.  You tell your sick employee not to worry about it.  After all, that is why the […]

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Politics in the Workplace

The current political climate has created real divisiveness as of late. I talk to employers everyday who indicate to me that the frustration is not limited to the pontifications on the U.S. Senate floor; it is invading our work spaces.  Media coverage is blaring from the TV in the break room and streaming to everyone’s […]

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New Mexico Living: Vanesa Lewinger

Vanesa Lewinger is a Human Resources Advisor for Law 4 Small Business and she helps business owners when HR issues that arise. Examples of some of these issues are Policy and Procedure Handbooks (creating or updating), Dealing with Toxic Employees, Employee Files, I-9 Audits, EEOC Complaints. She was invited to come speak on local television […]

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Toxic Employees: Hands Down, the fastest way to kill a happy work environment.

The toxic employee. The truth of the matter is all business owners are one bad hire away from their workplace going from productive and friendly to miserable.   Toxic Employees are tricky.   They are not necessarily overtly breaking rules that would justify immediate termination.  In many instances they are simply habitually negative; towards other employees, clients […]

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