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Gross Receipts Tax in the Digital Age

In a previous article, we talked about New Mexico’s Gross Receipts Tax (or NM GRT). To summarize, New Mexico imposes a “sales tax” on the sale of services as well as goods. To briefly recap: Gross receipts are the total amount of money or value of other consideration received from: Selling property in New Mexico; […]

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NM GRT is Changing Again on July 1, 2016!

New Mexico Companies – Your Gross Receipts Tax is Changing Again! Do you know what your Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) is? As a business owner, you are responsible for knowing the the New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax (or NM GRT) and responding accordingly. State and federal authorities take taxes very seriously and not knowing is […]

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Are You Responsible for Gross Receipts Tax on Out-of-State Sales?

Gross Receipts Tax Online: Do You Pay Gross Receipts Tax on Online Sales? Is your company located in the State of New Mexico? Is your company selling product online? Are you wondering when you’re supposed to collect gross receipts tax (GRT) for the sales? This is a common question so I thought it important to […]

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Did You Know the NM GRT Rate Has Changed as of July 1, 2015?

Know Your Gross (Receipts Tax)! Do you know what your Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) is? As a business owner, this little morsel of information is pretty important — especially because you are responsible for knowing this rate and responding accordingly. First off, what is a GRT? Well for the state of New Mexico, the NM […]

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