Professional Consults

Need to talk to a professionally trained expert or attorney quickly and easily, without worrying about a large invoice?

For a small fee, you can arrange for a 30-minute consult with one of L4SB’s wide-array of professionals.

We have trained experts available for IT and Tax/Accounting. And, we have attorneys who focus on general business and contracts, trademarks and intellectual property, and tax.

Pick the Type of Professional Consult You Need:

Business Consultations

Business and contracts attorneys, licensed in California (CA), Georgia (GA), Illinois (IL), New Mexico (NM) and Texas (TX).

Partnership and corporate attorneys, licensed in California (CA), Georgia (GA), Illinois (IL), New Mexico (NM) and Texas (TX).

Speak with a professional to get valuable insight that can give you peace of mind or help you save your business.

Intellectual Property Consultations

Talk with the Patent Attorney of Law 4 Small Business of Texas, PLLC, who is licensed in Texas (TX) and the USPTO.

Speak with a licensed professional at L4SB first to save yourself time, money, and unnecessary headaches when filing your copyright.

Trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, licensed in Illinois (IL), New Mexico (NM), Texas (TX) and federally.

L4SB’s trademark professionals will help you evaluate the trademark office action and advise you on the best course of action.

New Mexico Exclusive Consultations

Protect your most valuable asset — your professional license — by consulting with a Professional Licensure Attorney.

The perfect opportunity to obtain answers to your licensing and other legal questions related to New Mexico’s (NM’s) latest cannabis laws and regulations.

CPA for state tax (NM only) and accounting issues, as well as Generally Accepted Accounting Principals (GAAP).

Tax attorney for tax structures, advice and issues, for federal issues with the IRS, licensed in New Mexico (NM).

Additional L4SB Consultations

If you need to prepare for a trial, come prepared: Have L4SB at your side.

Speak with us today to see if we can help you move on with your life through the expungement of a criminal record.

IT advice for Microsoft products (Office 365, Azure), desktops, cybersecurity, websites, e-commerce, and more.