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To ensure your business contracts are effective it is important to have an experienced small business attorney to review them!

What is a Trademark or Trade Name Assessment?

A trademark or trade name assessment is the name we use at L4SB for a Knockout Search. This is where we conduct a pre-filing search of the USPTO trademark database (otherwise known as “TESS”), for similar marks. Not only does L4SB conduct a Knockout Search and appropriate report, but a trademark attorney conducts a risk assessment of the mark you want to use, using the USPTO trademark database (for registered marks) and Google (for common-law marks) that could create a “likelihood of confusion” for the use of your proposed mark. Conducting a proper risk assessment for your trademark will help you determine the likelihood of success in registering your mark, as well as identify potential trademarks that may view your mark as an infringing mark..

Why Use L4SB’s Trademark or Trade Name Assessment Service?

  • A Real Attorney Does the Work – Only properly licensed trademark attorneys have the training, experience and background to understand the ‘Likelihood of Confusion’ analysis, and help to reduce the risks of trademark infringement and increase the chance of a trademark registration getting approved by the USPTO. We’re not just an Internet company. We’re a full-blown, full-service law firm catering exclusively to the needs of small business. 
  • You Need a Trademark Attorney – Only trademark attorneys are permitted to conduct research in the USPTO. Based on our understanding of your trademark and your class codes, we will conduct a search of other trademarks at the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), and attempt to determine there are any risks associated with a ‘likelihood of confusion‘ with other trademarks. If we identify any potential risks, we will apprise you of those risks.
  • Review Common Law Marks – Registered trademarks aren’t your only concern. Common-law marks are those in use without registration, and if your mark is confusingly similar to a pre-existing mark, you can have just as much trouble as infringing someone’s registered trademark.
  • FREE Q&A with Trademark Attorney – If you’ve hired L4SB for a trademark / trade name assessment, you have FREE access to its attorneys to help answer your questions. No monthly fees required. Just contact us over phone or email, and one of our attorneys will be happy to help you.

The Law 4 Small Business Difference

You should have a real attorney perform an assessment of your trademark or trade name. L4SB puts experienced small business lawyers on your side. Make sure that your perspective trademark or trade name isn’t going to be mixed up with another trademark or common law marks.

If you chose L4SB, it means you have licensed attorneys acting as your representation, unlike the other guys across the wire. This means your business benefits from attorney-client privilege, and you can rely on the advice and counsel of competent business lawyers to advise you in all phases and aspects of your business.