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A tech-minded practice
designed 4 tomorrow

Specific expertise in high-tech, Internet,
e-commerce and SaaS-based business.
Long-term experience in information
technology (IT).

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Signing a contract?
Are you 4-getting something?

Contracts are important. They control
how a relationship works, and how it ends.
Not getting this right, before the relationship
starts, can become quite costly down the road.

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A safety net built from 4-sight

Why seek legal help when it's too late?
L4SB helps navigate the legal pitfalls during
the ordinary course of business.
This saves money and brings long-term

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The law firm created
specially 4 you

You have a business to run. Early, late,
and maybe through the weekend.
Your priorities are customers and payroll.
That's why L4SB is available for you,
7 days a week, 24 hours a day,
365 days a year.

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Not a game, but winning
through 4-ward thinking

Succeeding means predicting many moves
ahead, often in areas outside your expertise.
The legal landscape is pitted with landmines
often overlooked and misunderstood.
L4SB is an important partner to help
with your long-term survival and success.

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Business Attorneys Dedicated to the Needs

of Small Business Owners… Like You!

Toll Free: 888.99.BIZLAW or 888.992.4952

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Flat Rate Contract Review

$25 Per Page (min. 4 pages)

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NM Registered Agent

for $100 per year filing

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Expedited LLC Formation

$475 Flat Rate (Sole Member, NM only)

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All Other Services

Many legal services catering exclusively to small business

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Larry has been an invaluable asset to our small business. His expertise has enabled us to move forward with what has been a challenging situation. We have received thoughtful advice, and expert analysis of contracts, operating agreements and ongoing issues. We highly recommend Law4Small Business as a must for any small business owner.

Lisa J. – Los Angeles, CA

Larry helped me navigate the paperwork I got in joining a startup. His eagle eye pointed out things I should be aware of (and ask for) in my contract, and helped me understand the bigger picture of my NDA, stock options and contract-to-hire agreement.

Damon T. – Albuquerque, NM

I worked with L4SB recently on a startup issue and it was great to work with someone like Larry Donahue who really “gets” small business.  He guided me through issues that can be complex but made them simple and easy to understand and resulted in my being able to cover all the bases without having it cost  a ton of money.  I look forward to the next time I get to work with L4SB.

Andy A. – Santa Fe, NM

Worked on a separation and licensing agreement and his rate per hour was fair and he kept careful track of his time. His suggestions and revisions were impressive. I would use him again for sure.

Steve S. – Denver, CO

Larry’s firm understands the specific legal issues that a small business might find itself in. As an entrepreneur, Larry understands the nitty gritty of running a business as well as any potential legal issues. This a a big contrast with many law firms where attorneys warn you of every little ridiculous scenario because it allows them to fill their billing hours. Fixed prices and an understanding of business. That’s what you get with Law 4 Small Business.

Brian D. – Las Vegas, NM

Larry is patient and straight forward. He helped calm my emotions, reasoned things out with logic, and stayed true in a difficult situation. I will use him for as long as he lets me with any legal issues I have.

Gabe S. – Los Lunas, NM

Mr. Donahue has always been responsive to my legal needs and questions. He makes himself available when necessary and has a wealth of experience. A great communicator and equally great counselor; a legal resource that gives me confidence and peace of mind. Highly recommended.

Brian L. – Oswego, IL

This is the first time we’ve had to hire a lawyer for our small business needs. Larry was recommended by our consultant, and we were thrilled to have found someone so honest, moral, and hardworking to represent us. He was always respectful and attentive to our legal and financial concerns. What I found most impressive was his desire to maintain a good relationship among the partners in our business. He was thorough and honestly had our best interests at heart throughout the process. Very strongly recommended!

Linda J. – Santa Fe, NM

Larry and the L4SB team know law and small business. He was able to understand a particular issue affecting my small business and provided
me with the proper legal guidance. Save yourself time, money, and hassle for your next legal issue by contacting the L4SB team.

Larry’s quick response time and informative insight made doing business a pleasure. I would recommend the L4SB team to any small to mid sized business.

Andrew D. – Freehold Township, NJ

I am so glad I hired Law 4 Small Business. They really helped me with my purchase of a small business, and their understanding of business helped make sure I didn’t make any mistakes. I found them highly competent, affordable and

I don’t normally recommend or rate people on the Internet, but these guys are great and deserve the recognition. If you own a business, and have any legal issues, contracts or other problems, you should give L4SB a call. It doesn’t cost anything to call them, and you may just find they can help you save a lot of money by avoiding mistakes.

John J. – Bradenton, FL