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Ask a Lawyer with Kameron Kramer

In our seventh installment of “Ask a Lawyer” we featured questions from Kameron Kramer. [Albuquerque Journal: Ask A Lawyer with Kameron Kramer] Read it here Question 1 QUESTION: I recently purchased an investment property. I was told by someone I should form an LLC to protect myself. The realtor who sold me the property says […]

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Ask A Lawyer with Larry Donahue

In our sixth installment of “Ask a Lawyer” we featured questions from Larry Donahue. [Albuquerque Journal: Ask A Lawyer with Larry Donahue] Read it here Question 1 QUESTION: When I graduated from college, I signed up with what is essentially a franchise. At the time it seemed like a great deal and several of my […]

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Bunny Policies

The Times Are A Changing…as should your Employee Policies. I recently had the opportunity to peruse an Employee Handbook, or rather it was a “Bunny Handbook” from the Playboy Club, circa 1960.  I stumbled onto it online.  It was a fascinating read.  Clearly a relic from an age gone by. What was most fascinating was […]

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Best of Burque Winner!

Law 4 Small Business is honored to have been awarded the 2019 Best of Burque’s Best Law Firm from Albuquerque’s Weekly Alibi. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for voting for us. We will continue to provide you the best legal service in Albuquerque and around the globe! Read it […]

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Cultural Intellectual Property Issues

A company in the mainland US recently trademark ALOHA POKE for a chain of restaurants, and subsequently sent cease and desist letters to restaurants throughout the country. [abc news]  Hawaiians were, understandably, not happy with this effort to trademark a cultural and traditional expression that was very important and had great meaning to them – […]

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Ask A Lawyer with Donald Kochersberger

In our fifth installment of “Ask a Lawyer” we featured questions from Donald Kochersberger. [Read it here: Ask A Lawyer with Donald Kocherberger] Who is Donald Kochersberger? Donald F. Kochersberger is a Partner of the firm and has been with BLSW since 2005. His practice emphasizes complex litigation matters, including shareholder, member and partner disputes, […]

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A Guide for Safe Hiring

One of the benefits of information being so readily available online these days it that it takes some of the mystery out of hiring employees.   Everyone puts their best face forward in an interview but how is a Business Owner or Manager to really know who it is they are hiring?  Conveniently, the advent of […]

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How to walk away from a partnership without leaving empty-handed.

Everyone who’s ever started a business will tell you that any new business venture involves risks. Sometimes it’s the risk of losing the startup capital you invested, or sometimes it’s the risk of spending countless hours trying to build something that just won’t stand on its own. Sometimes it’s the risk that your relationship with […]

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