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Are They An Employee Or An Independent Contractor?

Just because you call them a contractor doesn’t mean they are…. Attorney Joseph Turner looks at the conundrum that many business owners face when dealing with employees. Simply put, if classification of employees is handled inappropriately, the business owner could face a multitude of liabilities, including significant tax issues. Even if a worker is classified […]

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What You Need To Know About Business In 2021

Vanesa Lewinger, HR Advisor has a list of items business owners need to consider prior to year’s end. Well, here we are, finally pulling into the end of 2020 and what a year it has been! I don’t know about you but with all that has happened this year, all the challenges overcome, information digested, […]

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How to Handle a Reference Call On The Employee You Fired.

Consider the notion that no good deed or lapse in professionalism usually goes unpunished. Is there anything more dreaded for a business owner or manager than to have to put up with and eventually terminate a bad employee? Maybe. How about the uncomfortable reference check or inquiry regarding your old problematic employee? The situation gets […]

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What To Do When a Sick Employee is Lying to You

It’s a dilemma every business owner or manager faces regularly.  An employee calls in sick.  They feel horrible.  They would like to come in but they simply can’t.  They are sorry. They know this means you will be shorthanded.  You tell your sick employee not to worry about it.  After all, that is why the […]

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Politics in the Workplace

The current political climate has created real divisiveness as of late. I talk to employers everyday who indicate to me that the frustration is not limited to the pontifications on the U.S. Senate floor; it is invading our work spaces.  Media coverage is blaring from the TV in the break room and streaming to everyone’s […]

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Breastfeeding Laws in the workplace

I recently came across a question about breastfeeding laws and how much time an employer was legally required to provide employees in need of this time. It’s a good question and a rather complicated one, especially considering that the focus of the question is on policy and not on the human the law was designed […]

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