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What You Need To Know When You Sell Goods & Services On-Line

Watch the workshop HERE on L4SB’s YouTube Channel. Thinking about selling goods or services online?  You should.  If COVID-19 taught small businesses anything, it is the importance of an online presence in order to stay in business!  Learn about the important considerations that come with selling online.  From contract considerations when hiring someone to build […]

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Selling Legal Services Online: Video

Larry Donahue, Attorney and Founder of Slingshot Law and Bill Bice CEO of boomtime talk about their own successes and opportunities of selling legal services on the internet, at the University of New Mexico for a Business 101: Back to Basics, Classroom Lecture. Tips and ethics for selling legal services on the internet: Marketing your […]

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Doing Business on the Internet: Avoid Getting Scammed

Within the past month, I’ve had three clients with interesting problems associated with their online Internet businesses, which just makes me hang my head down in frustration, wishing there was an easy way to help them out of their troubles. All these clients have experienced very different problems, but all highlight the pitfalls and challenges […]

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No matter the size of your business, be online now …

Online Researching Business

I have hundreds of small businesses as clients. These small businesses are struggling to meet payroll. While there are many exceptions, most of my clients are focused on two things, and two things only: Serving the needs of their existing customers and trying to chase down new ones. Avoid the Trap of Neglecting Important Functions […]

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Moving Beyond Brick-and-Mortar: The Presentation

Thank you to those who attended our presentation this Monday, April 18th, 2011! The Presentation If you attended our free seminar this Monday, you learned about basic steps you can take to reduce legal, financial and reputation risks. We hoped you enjoyed the seminar, and we will be hosting more seminars in the very near […]

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Free Seminar Announcement: Moving beyond brick-and-mortar …

Free seminar for business leaders! Moving beyond brick-and-mortar: clearing the legal hurdles for doing business on the Internet. Overview Many businesses are allured with the hope of revenues earned from doing business on the Internet, but concerned about the time, effort and complexity involved in getting their legal house in order. Significant misconceptions about litigation, […]

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