Larry Donahue, Attorney and Founder of Slingshot Law and Bill Bice CEO of boomtime talk about their own successes and opportunities of selling legal services on the internet, at the University of New Mexico for a Business 101: Back to Basics, Classroom Lecture.

Tips and ethics for selling legal services on the internet:

Marketing your law firm is not unethical! It is the best way to promote your business and allows clients to find out about your services. But be sure to stay ethical in the way you are marketing your firm. Avoid using tactics such as false or misleading communications and practicing under fictious names.

You must also pay attention to less obvious rules when selling legal services online. For example, it can be challenging for clients to understand jurusdictional boundaries and you must be prepared to explain them.

Common challenges faced by law firms

  1. Attracting new clients: “Word of mouth is our biggest source of new clients, but we’re struggling to amplify the effect and grow faster.”
  2. Cross pollinating practice areas: “Nothing is more frusturating than talking to a long-term client and finding out that they went to another firm, not knowing we have that expertise, too.
  3. Qualifying prospects: “We waste to much attorney time on prospective clients that aren’t the right fit for our firm.”
  4. Engaging prospects: “Our attorney’s don’t have time to follow-up with all of our clients and prospective clients – we’re losing oppurtunities.”
  5. Growth strategy: “It’s difficult to develop a well thought-out business and marketing strategy that we can consistently and effectively execute on.”
  6. Return on Investment (ROI): “We’re having a difficult time evaluating the effectiveness of our business development and marketing initiatives.”

For more information on selling legal services on the Internet, please check out the video above

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