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Moving beyond brick-and-mortar: clearing the legal hurdles for doing business on the Internet.


Many businesses are allured with the hope of revenues earned from doing business on the Internet, but concerned about the time, effort and complexity involved in getting their legal house in order. Significant misconceptions about litigation, contracts, abuse and online fraud often keep these businesses from taking even basic steps to protect their businesses. In this session Larry Donahue, a seasoned Internet COO and lawyer and David Snead, a widely recognized Internet attorney, will help companies learn how to create and structure their business in a way to minimize legal costs and enhance the value of their company.

Save the date: Monday, April 18th (10am to 12pm)

Attendees will receive real world, and immediate, counsel on how to help make their businesses succeed. This intensive morning seminar will focus exclusively on what makes doing business on the Internet different than traditional businesses. This seminar will present real world examples of how Internet companies succeeded in the face of significant risks. Attendees will get substantial guidance to allow them minimize their legal expenses, and make effective use of the lawyer dollars.


  • How is an Internet business different from a traditional business?
  • Cloud computing, virtualization and on-demand computing
  • Strategies for effective vendor and customer contracts
  • Mitigating risks: legal, financial and reputation
  • Questions & Answers

Who should attend?

  • Anyone thinking about, or doing, business on the Internet
  • Businesses who derive some form of revenue or advertising on the Internet

When and where?

  • Monday, April 18th
  • 10am to 12pm
  • Rodey Room, New Mexico Bar Association
  • 5121 Masthead NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 (Google Map)

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Law 4 Small Business. A little law now can save a lot later.

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