If you want to register a DESIGN MARK with the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we need a high-quality copy of your logo. Please follow these specifications when sending us your logo:

  • Please send high-quality JPG. The USPTO will not accept PDF or PNG files.
  • Unless you want to make color a part of your claims, send us a black-and-white (gray scale is fine) version of the logo.
  • The image should be no smaller in any direction than 250 pixels and no larger in any direction than 944 pixels. The image should be scanned at no less than 300 dots per inch and no more than 350 dots per inch, to produce the highest quality image.
  • Images should have little or no white space appearing around the design of the mark, and please remove any “TM” or “(R)” symbols from the logo.
  • If color is an important aspect of your logo, then please send a color version of the logo with the same specs above. Then, please tell us the English name for the important colors.
  • Let us know if there are any specific design elements incorporated within your logo (i.e. the image intentionally incorporates letters, words or some sort of meaning).
  • Keep the logo as “simple” as possible. Remove slogans, descriptors for your products or services, etc, unless they are an absolute essential part of your logo.

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