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art and work of branding

The Art (and Work) of Branding

Back in July 2016, I published an article entitled Clever Business Names, after having a strong reaction to a business named “Curl Up & Dye”. Like that previous article, my...

copyright office announces new dmca agent rules

Copyright Office Announces New DMCA Agent Rules

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA“) protects businesses operating on the Internet (called “Service Providers”) from liability for copyright infringement for the actions of their users under certain conditions.  Whether...

stop ip infringement

The Trademark Edition Scam

What is trademark edition? Details on the trademark edition scam. What it is and what it means to your small business.

maximize your patent

How to Maximize Your Patent

How you can maximize your patent by avoiding these 4 common mistakes. 50% of patents are useless. Is your patent a statistic or a success story?

unfortunate business names

Clever Business Names

Are you looking for a business name but not sure where to start? Here are some legal tips on coming up with Clever Business Names.


Can You Trademark the Word Trademark?

Can you trademark the word trademark? Or would the USPTO deny such an application? Looking to trademark the word trademark is not a simple endeavor...

can you patent an idea

Can You Patent an Idea?

Can you patent an idea? Like most legal issues, the answer is not always straightforward. Or as they often say in the law, “it depends”!

trademark intent to use

Trademark Intent to Use

Considering filing your trademark? Filing a Trademark Intent to Use could save you big when it comes to your trademark. A Trademark Intent to Use means...