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prior art search

Prior Art Search

Did you know that you don't necessarily need an attorney or patent agent to conduct a prior art search?

improvement patent

Improvement Patents

Can you get a patent on an improvement to a patented device? They're called improvement patents!

patents 101 overview

Patents 101

L4SB explains the types of patents and how they can be utilized!

my website domain name 1

Who Owns your Domain Name?

A domain name can be critical to branding your business. But do you know who owns your businesses domain name?

copyright 1

Small Business Copyright

Protecting Your Copyright Per, a copyright is “A form of protection provided by the laws of the United States for “original works of authorship”, including literary, dramatic, musical, architectural,...

brands 2

Standard Character Marks vs Stylized Logos

Registering your Trademark: Standard Character Mark or Stylized Logo? Whether you are just starting your business or getting ready to expand, one of the most important assets you have is...