After putting finishing touches on our latest article on Small Business Scams, we received a very official looking letter from Trademark Edition. Talk about timing. Trademark Edition offers to be place your business in an ‘International Catalogue of Trademarks’ for a fee. But what does that mean exactly and will it help your business? Or is it just a scam? See the letter below and take a guess.


There is no phone number for this business!

Spoiler alert, it is a scam. The Trademark Edition scam is apparently so common that it has made the list of USPTO Scams. A quick google search for ‘Trademark Edition Scam’ shows that many other businesses have received the same solicitation.

In spite of the name, Trademark Edition does not actually claim to obtain a trademark. The Trademark Edition scam has nothing to do with trademarks. Actually, it is just charging you the low, low fee of $1,650 (though I have heard it differs depending on the business) to appear in their catalog. Appearing in their ‘International Catalogue of Trademarks’ will not do anything to protect your business or increase your visibility. There is no mention of circulation or distribution. They do offer to deliver a complimentary copy of their catalog if you purchase it though. I would be curious to see just how complete it is.

In Summary

Your business will likely be inundated with all kinds of offers form other businesses and salespeople. Some are legitimate and some are not. The Trademark Edition Scam falls into the latter category. There are better things your business can be spending money on. If you have any trademark questions, it is best to contact a lawyer.

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