Simply using L4SB as your Registered Agent is not enough to preserve anonymity in those states that require disclosure of ownership information. In such states, there are a few issues:

  • Who is the Organizer? That would be you, unless you had us file your LLC for you.
  • Who is the Registered Agent? That would be L4SB.
  • Physical Mailing Address? Most states do not permit PO Boxes. We recommend a UPS Box or our Virtual Mailbox Service (something that provides a street address).
  • Manager or Members? You will need to disclose such information.

So, picking L4SB as your Registered Agent won’t prevent your name from appearing as organizer and manager or member. You also have the Physical Mailing Address issue to take care of.

What we recommend, is two form TWO LLC’s in a parent-child relationship. An “anonymous LLC” parent that you own, and that parent owns another local LLC as your transacting entity. Therefore, the member is another LLC, which itself is anonymous. (Learn More)

The downside to this, it’s a bit more expensive because you’re forming two LLC’s, but that’s the best way to maintain your anonymity in such states that require disclosure of ownership information. To learn more, see pricing and/or order if you’re interested, you might want to check out the following two links:

By having someone like L4SB form the LLC’s for you, you know they’ll be done right and we’ll be your organizer.

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