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manzano pest management

Proper Copyright Licensing is Important

Driving to work the other day, I happened to find myself driving behind the truck you see above. Apparently owned (or contracted) by an exterminating company called Manzano Pest Management...

art and work of branding

The Art (and Work) of Branding

Back in July 2016, I published an article entitled Clever Business Names, after having a strong reaction to a business named “Curl Up & Dye”. Like that previous article, my...

what is an estate plan

What is an Estate Plan?

In my years working as a Trust Officer, my clients would ask how often they needed to review and update their “estate plan”. For the wealthiest of that group, an...

Customer leaving a bad review online. Can this be grounds for a lawsuit?

Bad Review Lawsuit

Can you sue over a bad review of your business? More importantly, should you? What you need to know about a bad review lawsuit.

unfortunate business names

Clever Business Names

Are you looking for a business name but not sure where to start? Here are some legal tips on coming up with Clever Business Names.


Can You Trademark the Word Trademark?

Can you trademark the word trademark? Or would the USPTO deny such an application? Looking to trademark the word trademark is not a simple endeavor...

ivory tower of business

The Ivory Tower of Business

Escaping The Ivory Tower of Business: Ditching the Corner office, revamping culture and taking your business to the next level. What are the most expensive words in business?

my website domain name 1

Who Owns your Domain Name?

A domain name can be critical to branding your business. But do you know who owns your businesses domain name?