L4SB Congratulates Designated Drivers on Demand for Keeping Over 800 Drunk Drivers off of New Mexico Streets Every Month!

The concept behind Designated Drivers is simple: They match a volunteer designated driver with someone who needs them. “All you need to do is call Designated Drivers, and we’ll have someone out there to drive you and your car home, usually within 10 to 15 minutes,” says Mr. Baca. The only cost is a reasonable membership fee, plus a tip to the volunteer designated driver each time you use the service.

A Great Service – Fraught with Risks

“You’d think a business providing such a great community benefit – helping to reduce drunk drivers – would be easy to setup to help keep the owners protected from liability,” says Larry Donahue, an Attorney and Founder of L4SB, “but, you’d be wrong.” L4SB was hired by Designated Drivers to help tighten up its Terms of Service and help it defend itself in an arbitration hearing.

“One of the cars our volunteer designated drivers was driving simply broke down, and that’s when the attorneys started harassing us, demanding tens-of-thousands of dollars to repair a car we were driving to take someone home,” says Mr. Baca of Designated Drivers. “I was happy to have L4SB help my company through this difficulty, and help me keep my focus on the business of getting our members home safely.”

Law 4 Small Business – a law firm focused on the needs of small business – is proud to include Designated Drivers as one of its clients, and is proud to have successfully defended Designated Drivers in an important arbitration hearing.

About Designated Drivers on Demand

Designated Drivers on Demand, LLC (Designated Drivers, myddod.com) is a team of designated drivers who can be called upon – at any time day or night – for a small subscription fee, to drive its members and their vehicles home. Designated Drivers currently serves the Albuquerque and surrounding communities, including Bernalillo, Placitas, Bosque Farms, Corrales, Rio Rancho, Isleta Pueblo, Los Lunas and Belen, and is will be quickly growing to other New Mexico cities and surrounding states in the coming months and years.


Phil Baca
Designated Drivers on Demand, LLC

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