SimpleLegal, a leading resource in legal software, has named Law 4 Small Business as one of their favorite blogs and podcasts for legal professionals!

Small business law is impressively well-accounted for in the blogosphere, and Law 4 Small Business is one of the very best outlets of its kind. If you deal with small businesses, this blog is a must, offering from-the-field reports on the latest small business cases.

SimpleLegal – 30 Top Legal Blogs to Follow

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L4SB specializes in legal services for small businesses. Whether you need a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) established, a Trademark reviewed and registered, or some legal advice on a company issue, our firm is here to help you! L4SB has a team of trained professionals who are excited to help you with your legal needs.

L4SB prides itself on a well-kept, up to date blog. With topics ranging from Kim Kardashian’s ill-advised trademark attempts to what benefits an Anonymous LLC could provide for you, our blog is an excellent place to find information.

However if you can not find the information you are looking for and you would like to learn more about specific aspects of law, make a request it in the comments section below. We will work on a blog that gets you the information you desire.

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