On our previous post we discussed what a Trademark Office Action is when it comes to your trademark application.  Now, let’s take a little deeper look at the different types of office actions you may encounter and how they can be overcome. 

The simplest Office Action is one dealing with non-substantive issues, such as insufficient information or the application not being filled out correctly.  These are typically very easy to respond to and can oftentimes even be dealt with over the phone with the Examiner directly.  They take the least amount of time and energy to fix.

We make Trademark Registration Simple and Easy

This also applies to situations where the Examiner has suggestions regarding the description of your logo, misspellings in the application, or simply a need for additional specimens in use of your mark.  These situations may require a little bit more attention, but they are typically non-substantive and you are not arguing with the Examiner, you are just providing additional information requested.

These are the easiest Trademark Office Actions to fix and often require the least amount of work to solve. If you are not sure about how to fix the Trademark, it is a good idea to get a trademark attorney involved to ensure that there will be no mistakes the second time it is filed.

After we will evaluate the Office Action for a flat $49 fee, we will have a better idea of exactly how to respond, and the work required to get your trademark approved. Our office also offers a Trademark Office Action Response where we will intervene with the USPTO on your behalf and work to get your trademark passed. Contact us today to get started.

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